Pick-Up And Delivery Service


Tired of waiting for load after load of clothes to go through the washing machine, then the dryer? Looking for a simpler solution to tackling laundry day? Schedule pickup and delivery service from Spin Plus Laundromat!

Ready to make your next laundry experience as simple as it could possibly be? Follow the instructions below to schedule pickup and delivery service with Spin Plus Laundromat.

Service Features

  • 24-hour service!!
  • Your clothes will ALWAYS be sorted by color, lights and dark
  • Treatment of stains & bleach for whites
  • Detergent & Softener included in all orders
  • All clothes are washed in water, dried and folded

Spin Plus Laundromat

Pickup & Delivery Service Instructions

  • Call (956) 330-6766, book online or download our App
  • Place your garments outside your door in a plastic/disposable bag. Not home? Don’t worry…We can pick up or deliver at your doorstep
  • We can also clean your bedding items, just leave them with your clothes as well
  • When we deliver your order the next day you will receive it freshly cleaned and neatly folded
  • You can specify any special requests or preferences you may have in our “Notes for Order” field right after creating your order (these notes will remain in your account for future orders)
  • You will be able to track the status of your order with our APP

*Your clothes are going to be weighed at our store and we will charge you by the pound. Bedding items have a flat rate (see price chart below)

You can create your orders in 2 ways:

Schedule Through Our Website

We make placing your pickup and delivery order simple through our website. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll have your laundry scheduled and taken care of in seconds! Rest assured we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your experience using our pickup and delivery service is as effortless and convenient as possible.

  • Just click the SIGN UP button and you will be prompted to our REGISTRATION page
  • Enter your email and password to create your account
  • Choose your Pickup Date and Time
  • Choose your Delivery Date and Time
  • Enter your payment info
  • Click SUBMIT

Schedule Through the CleanCloud App

If you already use the CleanCloud App, look for Spin Plus Laundromat and place your order! If you’re new to this convenient system, download the CleanCloud App and create an account to get started. You’ll have your pickup and delivery order placed in no time at all, and we promise the same great level of service through the app.

CleanCloud Google Play Logo
CleanCloud Apple Logo
  • Download the CleanCloud App
  • Enter your email and password to create your account
  • Input the name of our store (Spin Plus Laundromat)
  • Schedule your Pickup & Delivery
  • Enter your payment info
  • Click SUBMIT

Try It For Yourself!

Try our new pickup and delivery service for yourself today! We promise you’ll never go back to waiting around for your clothes to get done washing or drying ever again! Follow the above instructions or stop by any of Spin Plus Laundromat’s five convenient locations today to learn more about how it works. Or, give us a call at 956-330-6766.