Follow These Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Great After Your Next Trip to the Laundromat in Edinburg, TX

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Laundry can be a surprisingly challenging chore. You think you’re going to have clean, dry clothing, only to find out that pesky stain wasn’t fully removed or that a rogue white t-shirt is now permanently ruined because it somehow found its way into an otherwise dark load. Add in the unfamiliar washers and dryers of a laundromat for even more of a trial!

Luckily, a few simple tips and tricks will ensure your laundry turns out clean, dry and ready to wear every time. Follow these suggestions to get great looking clothes from your next visit to the laundromat:

  • Get stains our right away: The longer a stain sits, the worse it will get. Trying to scrub the stain out at the laundromat after the garment has been sitting in the hamper for a week is likely to be a losing battle. Instead, apply a stain remover as soon as possible to lift the offending stain from the article of clothing. If nothing else, apply it to the stain before leaving the house so it will have sufficient time to penetrate and lift the stain before it is thrown into the washer.
  • Choose the right water temperature: The perfect water temperature is the key to success at the laundromat. Cold water will work well for delicate items or anything prone to shrinking. Warm water is the best choice for manmade fabrics and moderately dirty clothing, while hot water should be reserved for oil-stained items or heavier items, such as bedding and towels.
  • Select detergent wisely: The cheapest detergent usually isn’t the best option. Liquid detergent should always be chosen over powdered, as it has more cleaning power. The single-dose pods and tablets are also a great choice and will help cut down the number of items you have to bring to the laundromat in McAllen, TX. This way, you know you always have the perfect amount of detergent on hand.
  • Separate to be safe: Separating the white clothing from the colored will prevent any surprise stains. This simple, yet effective step is a surefire way to maintain the original color and look of your clothing.
  • Check the drying instructions: Always check the drying instructions listed on your clothes’ tags. The tag could contain special instructions about the appropriate heat settings and whether the items specifically need to be dry cleaned or air dried. Following the instructions on the tag will help avoid overheating and damaging your clothes.
  • Dry right to avoid ironing: Who actually has time to iron? Use a dryer sheet or fabric softener to reduce wrinkles. Selecting the lowest dryer temperature setting will also do the trick. Lastly, take special care to remove all clothing from the dryer immediately after the cycle has finished before folding and hanging.

Getting fresh, clean clothing is a breeze at Spin Plus Laundromat in Edinburg, TX. Stop by any of our four full-service locations today to learn more about how we can make your washing and drying easier than ever!

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