Five Tips to Leave Your Laundry in McAllen, TX Extra Clean

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No one enjoys removing their clothing from the dryer and finding new stains. When you spend quarters finishing your laundry in McAllen, TX at Spin Plus Laundromat, you want to get it right the first time and enjoy a new supply of clean clothes. If you want extra clean laundry the next time you run a few loads, here are five tips to follow:

  • Check pockets: Items left in pockets ruin clothes and laundering machinery alike. This is especially true with wax items like crayons, and many laundromats find they pay more repair bills from foreign articles left in clothing than from any other cause. Start the habit of checking pockets and garment folds for extra items before you sort and wash. Besides preventing stains and machine damage, you may find that $5 bill, set of ear buds or keys you thought were lost.
  • Treat stains: Most stains require treatment. Otherwise, your clothes will look the same out of the dryer as they did before you washed them. Stains sticks allow you to treat a stain up to a week before you start laundry. If you prefer spray treatments, store stained articles over the edge of your laundry hamper so you remember to treat the stains. This not only ensures that stains leave your clothes, but also that any money you spend at the laundromat is well spent on good cleaning.
  • Rinse off mud: If a tumble off a mountain bike or a long weekend of camping result in your clothes being caked with mud, rinse them off first. You can use your garden hose for the worst cases or, at the very least, brush off as much mud as possible before you launder. Wash these items separately so you do not soil the rest of your clothes.
  • Use warmest water temperature possible: This is especially important if your clothes are particularly muddy or sweaty. Read the care instructions on your clothing tags and determine the warmest water temperature the material withstands. If an item can be washed in warm water after a long day, doing that will make it fresher and cleaner. Unless the tag indicates the clothing item must be washed in cold water, it is likely that your clothes will survive warm water just fine. Also, most whites get cleaner in hot water with bleach.
  • Check your machine: Clothes may be stained or damaged if the machine you use is also dirty. This is especially a risk in a Laundromat, since not all users are considerate to others. Before you place clothes into a washer, check to see that the interior is clean first. If you notice debris or other signs of abuse, alert a helpful staff member so the problem can be addressed, and then proceed to a better cleaner machine.

Spin Plus Laundromat is the place to complete your laundry in McAllen, TX quickly and easily. We also offer wash and fold service if a busy week makes it challenging to finish your own laundry. Call or visit us today to learn more about our services.

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