Separate Your Lights and Darks for Best Results at the Laundromat

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Many customers ask if it is truly necessary to separate their lights and darks. The answer from this laundromat in McAllen, TX is yes! Failing to do so can lead to laundry disasters and faded colors. While it seems much more time efficient to wash it all in one load, separating lights and darks offers results that are well worth the effort. Here are five reasons:

  • Prevent color bleeding: The proverbial red sock getting into white laundry is based on truth. Darker colored clothes will bleed into lighter ones. Other laundry items, like new jeans and towels, bleed color during the first couple of wash cycles. If your laundry includes these items, you will want to wash them separately from older clothing items. While this will cost you more in terms of quarters at the laundromat, it will preserve your clothes better.
  • Maintain color quality: When you wash white items with darker ones, they will start to turn gray. This does not make a good impression with your crisp work shirts, and white socks will look old and dirty. Also, washing items with others of similar colors will brighten them. While professionals recommend up to five different categories for sorting laundry, keeping it sorted by whites, brights (colors and patterns) and darks (black, brown and dark blue) offers desirable results as well. You do not have to go over the top—just do enough to preserve clothing colors.
  • Reduce wear and tear: Clothing washes through a machine twice. There is an initial wash and drain cycle before the machine stops and adds more detergent. After that, it starts again, and clothing is kept at the hottest temperature it can stand. If you have a heavy load, this process causes wear and tear even as you are trying to clean and preserve your clothes. Smaller loads are much easier for clothing to withstand.
  • Machine efficiency: When you stuff too much into a washing machine, your clothes will not be as clean as they would in a smaller load. Water will not penetrate the fibers well, and many items will not even get a good treatment of soap. Also, machines become unbalanced and make that awful noise that disturbs everyone in the laundromat. Going with lighter loads is better for machines and ensures your clothes get cleaner. Sorting by whites, brights and darks is one way to ensure your load is a reasonable size.
  • Easier folding: It is easier to break up folding clothes into several small loads instead of one giant, overwhelming one. This makes the task much easier to manage. If you are doing laundry at home, you can put items away while waiting for another load to finish. This makes it easier to accomplish other tasks and take good care of your clothes.

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