Reasons Not to Dry Your Clothes Outside

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Outdoor clothes drying has become the symbol for fresh laundry and a greener way of living. You see it in every other laundry detergent commercial on television—a happy couple strings up their whites while their children play in the yard and a gentle breeze dries their favorite clothing to perfection. Sure, it’s a nice thought, but it’s often impractical. Outside, where all manner of creatures live, your favorite shirt or brand new jeans are just hanging there waiting for the sun to sap its vibrant color or a passing bird to “redecorate” it.

The reality is that while clotheslines might be a romantic idea, they are a complete pain in your favorite pair of linen hang-dry-only shorts. So, what are the best reasons for not drying your clothes outside? Let’s ask an experienced laundry service in McAllen, TX:

  • The sun is color’s worst enemy: You know how your doctor is always telling you not to go out without sunscreen because it will damage your skin? Well, the sun doesn’t just pick on skin. It will also leach the color from your clothes and leave you with sad-looking shadows of their former glory. If you are intent on capturing the feeling of hang-dried clothes, just don’t forget they’re hanging out in the sun. Similarly, don’t ignore those rain clouds or the wind. Without sun, your clothes will only stay damp and may eventually get moldy.
  • Nature is rude: What those charming commercials leave out is the flock of migrating geese that decide to carpet bomb the happy family’s freshly washed clothes. Or the sparrow that decides to chow down on a fresh berry right on the sleeve of your white dress shirt. Or the dog that decides shaking off from its mud bath must be done underneath your clothesline. Outside, there is nothing standing between your clothes and the need for a second wash.
  • Do you have allergies? This won’t help: Like the container of baking soda you leave in your refrigerator, your clothes will take in the natural world around them. If your neighbor burns a pile of yard clippings, your shirt will smell the same way. This rule also applies with things like pollen and mold spores. If you think you’ve got bad allergies when sitting on the lawn, just wait until your wearing the problem to work or to bed.
  • It may be against local regulations: If you are like many people, you likely feel that your yard is already smaller than you’d like it to be. So why then would you waste space putting up an unsightly clothing line? Not only will your neighbors hate seeing your unmentionables strung across your yard, but they won’t like the rest of it either. In fact, some communities strictly forbid line drying. If you still want to line dry your clothes, contact your local city or county about residential rules and regulations.

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