Wash-It-Fast Coin Laundry Is Now Spin Plus Laundromat

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The most trusted providers of laundry service in McAllen, TX are now operating under a unified banner. Wash-It-Fast Coin Laundry is now Spin Plus Laundromat!

There are currently four Spin Plus Laundromat locations in the greater McAllen area. Spin Plus Laundromat offers a full range of laundry service in McAllen, TX. The company is known and recognized for its high-quality laundry services and customer service-oriented approach to business. Spin Plus Laundromat is staffed around the clock.

There are a number of benefits customers experience when they visit a Spin Plus Laundromat location. If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable place to clean your clothing, you should look no further than Spin Plus Laundromat. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider bringing your clothing to one of our laundromats:

  • Saves time:It may seem counterintuitive, but visiting a laundromat is actually one of the best ways to cut down on your chore time. Because laundromats have rows and rows of machines at your disposal, there’s no need to wait for one load to end to begin cleaning the next batch of soiled clothing. You can make the most of your afternoon and take care of all of your cleaning needs in one go.
  • More environmentally friendly:Because laundromats use commercial, high-efficiency washing machines, they are much more environmentally friendly than cleaning your clothes at home. Home washing machines can consume as much as 40 gallons of water per load. Commercial washing machines, on the other hand, use roughly half that amount.
  • Larger machines: Are you trying to wash a set of drapes, or an oversized comforter? If so, you shouldn’t try to use your home washing machine! Home washers are simply not equipped to handle larger loads. You may end up with improperly washed and dried clothing. The large, commercially sized washers and dryers employed at laundromats, on the other hand, are capable of tackling nearly any size of laundry load.
  • On-site staff:Perhaps the most significant benefit of visiting a provider of laundry service in McAllen, TX is the fact that some high-quality laundromats may be staffed around the clock. This means that you have a laundering expert on hand to help answer any clothing questions you may encounter. If you are uncertain, for instance, about the best way to remove a tricky stain, you can simply ask the friendly team members for their recommendation.

Spin Plus Laundromat has been the foremost provider of laundry service in McAllen, TX for more than a decade. You can count on us to provide you with every type of laundry service you may need. We are proud of our ability to provide each and every one of our clients with high-quality laundering services, including sales of laundry supplies. Each of our four locations is staffed around the clock.
We offer same-day wash and fold services, in addition to ironing services and more. Stop by one of our family owned and locally operated stores to learn more about the Spin Plus Laundromat advantage!

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